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Ceramic Coating

Multi-purpose Ceramic Coating harness nano-technology for the ultimate surface protection. Premium Ceramic Coating is a semi-permanent coating which protects and enhances your vehicles paintwork, bringing colours back to life with a high gloss finish.

It’s almost-instant drying time, allows drivers to get back on the road within an hour of application. Unlike many leading ceramic coatings which take between 12 and 24 hours to dry, this super-fast drying time also enables us to complete Ceramic Coating applications faster, creating more time and freedom.

Premium Ceramic Coating  from £200
2 year protection

Easy to apply, Premium Ceramic Coating boasts 2 years protection, 9h hardness, a high gloss finish and instant drying.

Pro Ceramic Coating from £250
5 year protection

Offering the same easy application as our Premium Ceramic Coating.

5 years of protection along with unparalleled levels of gloss, durability and chemical resistance. Harnessing the latest in coating technology, Ceramic Coating PRO offers the ultimate in protection.

The 5 year protection would require an Enhancement Detail as a minimum standard of paintwork preparation

Wax Protection

Prices from £50

SOFT99 Fusso Coat Wax is an ultra-durable synthetic sealant with class-leading hydrophobic and protective coating, durable for up to 12 months.

Thanks to unique fluoropolymers, the coating effectively reduces adhesion of dirt and repels water.

The paint is protected against negative effects of weather conditions such as acid rain, UV radiation and road salt.

The product is dedicated to dark coloured paintwork.

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Ceramic coatings - Conditions & limitations

Ceramic Coatings

What can and can’t Ceramic Coating protect against?
There are common misconception about what exactly ceramic coating can and cannot protect your vehicle against. 

Lets start off with some common misconceptions:

Ceramic Coating will not make your car bullet proof – if this is something you require we recommend contacting Q Branch

It will not protect your vehicle against scratches and dents caused by collisions.

Rock chips are unfortunately inevitable and there isn’t a ceramic coating available that will protect your paintwork, when it happens.

 Once coated, we don't recommend the use of 'commercial' car washes, (i.e. Supermarket automated car washes)
Nor do we recommend washing your car yourself, with regular 'over the counter' car washing products. (shampoos, wax finishes, polishing clothes, etc) 
 All of these can harm the professional finish, and re introduce swirls and scratches to the professional finish of a ceramic coating. 
However once fully cured (We recommend a full 7 days, before washing) Ceramic Coating will protect against:

Light scratches and swirl marks
Sunlight and UV rays
Ice and snow
Acid rain
Bird lime
Premium Ceramic Coating, is not a replacement for a regular professional maintenance washing routine, by ourselves, or other 'professional' valeting / detailing services.
It’s self-cleaning properties will help to keep your car cleaner for longer, and make washing easier by professional services.